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Guildford - Chartered - Top 4 head of department and Practice Experience - Budget to 200,000 GBP

Buyer Ref : 10667
My client, a highly skilled, chartered accountant with top 4 head of department experience is looking to acquire practices, including staff and premises, up to 200,000 GBP in the Guildford, Horsham, Epsom Bracknell and East of Basingstoke areas. Having worked highly successfully in industry with years’ experience with top 4 and top 10 firms this skilled individual also possesses the knowledge and experience of general practice, and will pay up to 1.5x GRF for the right business with up to 50% up front and full completion over 2 years.

Edgware based - Certified - Audit specialist - Budget to100,000 GBP

Buyer Ref : 10664
My Certified and UK top 15 experienced client is looking to acquire a small practice or client books of business ideally 50,000 GBP and up to 100,000 in and around London and including the periphery of the M25. With an interest in client books of business and or premises and staff, this acquirer will pay up to 1.5x GRF for the right business with up to 50% up front.

Brentford area - Chartered Practice - 10 years established - Budget to 200,000 GBP

Buyer Ref : 10656
My client, a ten years established Chartered practice is looking to acquire practices or blocks of fees from 50,000 up to 200,000 GBP around London, within the M25, and around the Maidenhead area. With an interest in client books of business and or premises and staff, this acquirer will pay up to 1.5x GRF for the right business with up to 50% up front.

Chartered practice - Multiple offices with head office in London - Budget to 2.5 Million GBP

Buyer Ref : 10654
My client, a very experienced and ambitious acquirer with head office in London and further offices across Hertfordshire, Sussex and Kent is looking to acquire further businesses in the London or South East areas. This chartered firm is looking for acquisitions from 200,000 GBP to 2.5 million GBP anywhere in the London or South East areas. Interested in standalone client books of business or incumbent with staff and premises, this acquirer is eagerly looking for opportunities as part of their continued growth plans and has money ready and awaiting opportunities.

Watford area - Chartered buyer - Budget to 300,000 GBP

Buyer Ref : 10643
My ambitious chartered qualified client has ten years practice experience and is looking to acquire businesses in the Watford, Harrow, Edgware, North London and East Bucks areas Looking to consider opportunities for clients, staff and premises my client has cash available and ready to provide up to 50 percent up front and up to 1.4 x GRF for the right opportunity with full completion within 2 years.

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‘A friendly and attentive service, Steve helped me define exactly what I wanted and had a good grasp of all of the available options on the market...’
Robert Graham - Scotland
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘A professional service, giving me a good choice of firms and comparisons enabling me to make the right choice selling to a family firm, a decision both I and my clients have been very happy with...’
Bill Kelleher - Wales
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Thanks for your assistance with the sale of my business. It’s taken less than 19 weeks from when I first contacted you to complete the sale...’
Paul Gibbins - Nottinghamshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘We have now sold our business, and have been able to move on quickly and efficiently. Many thanks...’
Bill Lake - Suffolk
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Great service, I have been very happy with the sale, the advice and the results of the sale...’
Bill King - Cheshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Michael and I greatly valued your experience and professionalism in arranging the deal struck and would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other practitioners seeking to move to the broad, sunlit pastures of retirement...’
Mark Watts - Middlesex
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘I want to thank you for your help in selling my company. I did not really wish to retire but with the new legislation I felt it was time to call it a day... I know my clients are in a safe pair of hands.’
Judy Smithers
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor