Retiring Accountant

Why Use Us to Sell Your Accountancy Practice?

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You do not get charged for "due diligence" "registration fees" or "valuation packs" you just get access straight to buyers who have signed confidentiality agreements and want to meet you.

• Our service in leveraging your sale is totally free of charge, (the buyer pays the fee not you).

• We are so confident we can help you and get you the best sale price for your business that we dont even ask you to tie to us as your selling agent.

• There are no forms or contracts of any sort to fill in.

• You will be looked after by experienced industry professionals who are completely confidential at all times.

• You will get the very best price for your business.

This is how confident we are in both the teams abilities and our buyers purchasing ability to enable you to retire, merge or exit the profession.

What's the Process?

Contact us confidentially for a no obligation telephone discussion. We will discuss available options then present your business profile to a number of buyers.

You will then get to meet your potential buyers and we confirm everything in writing for you.

We then agree terms of sale after the first meeting if you happy with the buyer and assist as a buffer in any negotiations (if you need us).

How will I get the best price?

We get you the best price for your business because we have the structure and ability to market your proposition to the fastest growing, cash rich businesses in the Accountancy market place.

Your buyers range from national Accountants and other professional services firms through to venture capital backed regional Accountancy practices.

What about my clients or my business name?

We are uniquely placed experts to offer you genuine guidance as to the quality and service standards of any buyers existing accountancy staff and their culture.

We can also offer guidance as to various buyers business plans and give you an insight as to what they are looking to achieve with your business.

Is this a good time to sell?

Various new pieces of legislation all add to the increasing costs faced by accountants.
Our buyers are making good offers on businesses right now, call our expert team immediately to avoid missing out on your buyer.

"This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it."



‘A friendly and attentive service, Steve helped me define exactly what I wanted and had a good grasp of all of the available options on the market...’
Robert Graham - Scotland
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘A professional service, giving me a good choice of firms and comparisons enabling me to make the right choice selling to a family firm, a decision both I and my clients have been very happy with...’
Bill Kelleher - Wales
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Thanks for your assistance with the sale of my business. It’s taken less than 19 weeks from when I first contacted you to complete the sale...’
Paul Gibbins - Nottinghamshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘We have now sold our business, and have been able to move on quickly and efficiently. Many thanks...’
Bill Lake - Suffolk
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Great service, I have been very happy with the sale, the advice and the results of the sale...’
Bill King - Cheshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Michael and I greatly valued your experience and professionalism in arranging the deal struck and would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other practitioners seeking to move to the broad, sunlit pastures of retirement...’
Mark Watts - Middlesex
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘I want to thank you for your help in selling my company. I did not really wish to retire but with the new legislation I felt it was time to call it a day... I know my clients are in a safe pair of hands.’
Judy Smithers
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor