Retiring Accountant

Accountancy Sale Strategy

When all goes well

Retiring Accountant are here to sell your business at the right price within a short period of time.

To achieve this, we provide you with multiple introductions to genuine cash rish prospects looking to grow their business, who we have identified will see specific value in your business or client bank.

When all does not go quite according to plan

There are times when the potential buyers’ value of the business is significantly less than that of the sellers. In this case, the seller must address the issue of what changes need to be made to the business in order to secure the required sale price.

When planning for the future

There are many business owners who are currently not ready to sell their business but who do have a very clear vision of wanting to sell their business for a specific amount at a defined point in time some years ahead, which may very well be linked in with their retirement plans.

However, the reality of the situation is that there is a wide discrepancy between that figure the owner is looking to ascertain and what the business is actually worth at the present time. Again, the seller needs to consider what changes must be made to the business in order to increase its value to the required level.

Maximising the Value of the Sale

In both the above scenarios, the business owner needs to put in place a clearly defined ‘Strategy for Sale’ that, once implemented, should ensure that the business model is sufficiently robust for the owner to realistically expect to sell the business at the right price and within the agreed time-scale.

What is the Retiring Accountant ‘Strategy for Sale’?

It is a document which summarises all the critical changes that need to be made to the business model in order to move the business from its current position to one where the sale price can reasonably be expected to be realised. However, this is only the starting point because, having identified these changes, the next important step is to fully implement these changes within the appropriate time-scale.

As no two businesses are the same, regrettably, there is no one size fits all ‘Strategy for Sale’ solution. Each business will have its own unique defined starting point. .

How can we help?

The important point to remember is that a business can always be sold for a reasonable price provided that the right steps have been taken to ensure the business model is sufficiently robust to command that price.

Retiring Accountant can put together your ‘Strategy for Sale’.

So, if you are planning to sell your business, in a few years time why risk losing any of your value? Get expert professional help to get the price you deserve.

Drop us an email confidentially here to arrange a free 20 minute telephone consultation with the team.


‘A friendly and attentive service, Steve helped me define exactly what I wanted and had a good grasp of all of the available options on the market...’
Robert Graham - Scotland
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘A professional service, giving me a good choice of firms and comparisons enabling me to make the right choice selling to a family firm, a decision both I and my clients have been very happy with...’
Bill Kelleher - Wales
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Thanks for your assistance with the sale of my business. It’s taken less than 19 weeks from when I first contacted you to complete the sale...’
Paul Gibbins - Nottinghamshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘We have now sold our business, and have been able to move on quickly and efficiently. Many thanks...’
Bill Lake - Suffolk
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Great service, I have been very happy with the sale, the advice and the results of the sale...’
Bill King - Cheshire
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘Michael and I greatly valued your experience and professionalism in arranging the deal struck and would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other practitioners seeking to move to the broad, sunlit pastures of retirement...’
Mark Watts - Middlesex
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor

‘I want to thank you for your help in selling my company. I did not really wish to retire but with the new legislation I felt it was time to call it a day... I know my clients are in a safe pair of hands.’
Judy Smithers
Retired Professional Practice Proprietor